There is something definitely wrong with me. Physically and mentally.

I’m not known in my household as a domestic goddess. I’m not even known as the laundress. But i do what i can to get by. Fairly clean kitchen, no trip hazards in the living room or hallway, kid’s rooms reasonably picked up. For some reason being sick makes me feel all the guilt for all the days i did nothing but read, drink coffee, keep the kids fed and living, and possibly a pet or two to the animals. Among the routine ‘to dos’. So yesterday, i’m feeling the creeping crud begin it’s attack on my sinuses and lungs and what do i decide to do? CLEAN!

Or de-clutter, rather. I’ve had two boxes sitting by the dining room table for a year. Yesterday was the day i decide to make up for all the inexcusable couch time and rummage through them.

Organizing dusty dirty cardboard contents did not help my health situation.

I woke up with my ‘productive cough’ worse than ever. Now i’m getting a headache from all the coughing. My kids are looking at me like a sad injured piece of roadkill that keeps sputtering life at random moments, moving only to spit in my receptacle.

What cracks me up silently on the inside is the looks on their faces. If i had energy i’d take a picture after such an episode and forever capture the horror on their faces as I rid my body of the offensive phlegm that is trying to choke and kill me.

As if the poo and other bodily fluids they have distributed over homes and carpets, beds and my wardrobe, walls and vehicles isn’t equally disgusting.

It’s weird being a kid and seeing your mom ill, though. Almost as foreign as a teacher at the mall.

So today’s survival mode is me trying to not completely ignore and neglect my kids in the hopes I can care for myself and get better. It took a Target trip to kick start my mobility today. Pre-packaged food, new toys so the kids can entertain themselves, and drugs for momma.

Here’s hoping no one else catches the Plague so we can have an illness-free vacation in 2 weeks!


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