Fools in Flight

So after our amazing adventure at Disneyland it was time to head home. I had to monitor my kid for breathing problems in case she needed to be whisked away to urgent care because at this point, her cough is still not gone. She seems to be doing fine, we get our shuttle and head to the airport. Somehow, despite leaving two hours before our flight, we still manage to get to the gate with only minutes to spare. We grab some McD’s and wait to board.

“Our flight will be delayed. So sorry for the inconvenience. We are having technical difficulties.”
go sit with the kids to get a bite before boarding.
“Our apologies, we will actually be boarding now.”
Frantically pack the grease food back up and run back to the gate.

and wait …

Finally time to board, we get settled. The window fight is settled between my kids. We are buckled, earphoned and ret-to-go.

we sit… and sit … and wait.

“So sorry for the inconvenience, we are still having technical difficulties. We will be leaving the gate soon.”


On cue, my kid starts coughing.

25 minutes later, we leave the gate. The kids behind me are kicking my seat visibly. I figure out in this time the dad and both demons are behind me while their mom is on her own across the aisle.

We finally taxi and take off. Everyone is ready to go home.

coughing ensues.

kicking comenses

arguing begins

The whole flight is listening to the two kids behind me (5 and 8) TORMENT their father who is trying his best to ignore them. He ignores their kicking each other, him, my seat, their screaming, their smacking him on the bald forehead saying “Dad!DAD! Dad! ARe we there yet?! DADADADAD!!!”

I turn and see their mom on the opposite aisle with a bottle of beer and two full cups.

I was thankful for my own calm(ish) and sick kids. I was thankful the animals behind me weren’t mine.

We land with a croupy cough and two very tired and done children. We headed straight to Urgent Care and my daughter was given a steroid drink, and i was given a bottle with 3 more doses ‘if needed, but she probably wont need them’.


After the next day and 2 more doses, she was still coughing her head off. Steamy shower in the bathroom didn’t work, and the 80 degree day outside didn’t give us cold air to use. I stood in front of the freezer with her and still had no luck. Honey = nothing. Popsicle = nada.

Head into the Pediatric Urgent care that night after every single breath ended in a coughing fit.

They were stymied. They gave her a breathing treatment = still coughing. They gave her a popsicle = still coughing. After an hour, i left with a prescription for cough syrup and a “Sorry, nights 2 and 3 are the worst.. good luck!”

Turns out we should have been given a different steroid- according to the pediatrician the next day.

So now she seems to be through the worst. We just have a lingering cold to deal with.

And that, my friends, was our Disneyland Adventure.

I now need a vacation from my animals kids. Praise little baby Jesus school starts in a week!!!

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