Today is my birthday. I’m now officially 37. I like to think of it more as celebrating 35 for the second time. I think this is the birthday where I begin to celebrate 35 every year. I am so old that i have to REMEMBER turning 35… because i already did it…. TWICE. I’ve never […]

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Date Night with Daddy

Dear Children, Yes mommy and daddy are going out on a date. WITHOUT you. And yes, the plan is that we will enjoy it! We are going to dinner. A simple plan. As we all know, the simplest plans have the most likelihood of working out. Something grand and expensively planned will only be interrupted […]

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My poor son was cursed with an aversion to overly loud, bright, stimulating, uncomfortable situations. So much so he nearly has an anxiety attack when it’s time to buckle down and get ‘er done. This is combined with a need for early intervention for his mouth. A Molotov cocktail Each time we go to the […]

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Birthday Girl

This is for any of you coming to her party. We get lots of questions about what she might like, just as i ask when going to a party for another kiddo. Anyway, walking through Target yesterday I had a stroke of genius.. if i do say so myself. At the risk of looking terribly […]

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Has Been

My husband’s work schedule is aging me. My mom graciously agreed to watch the kids so i could get out for a movie tonight. I needed a little sanity break. As i’m writing this at 9:15, my son is coming out of his room for the third time for nothing. Nonsense stalling. I need to […]

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Knuckle Sandwich

Today i get to write about my daughter! She cracks me up constantly and she is such a source of joy. So I punched her in the eye. Lemme ‘splain I was trying to get her dressed this morning. She was being a pre-three year old and resisting and playing and being goofy and doing […]

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Sometimes I wish i had more of a con artist heart… but alas, it’s just not in me. At least, not on a large scale. I sent Disneyland an email about our park experience. I lauded them with praise for the access pass they allow for kids that need some special assistance. Also, for finding […]

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I have fallen so far off the wagon, it is not even funny. Not even remotely. Have you ever seen an item of your own clothing lying somewhere – on the bed, on the floor, from the rafters – and thought “There is NO WAY that thing is mine. That cannot POSSIBLY fit me. It’s […]

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I was tempted to see how well my kid could swim this morning. We went out to Lake Washington today and toured some neat sailing ships. We almost didn’t go because my oldest is being such a little shit  turkey lately. I cannot WAIT to have school start on Tuesday ! It’s mommy’s very own […]

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