I was tempted to see how well my kid could swim this morning. We went out to Lake Washington today and toured some neat sailing ships. We almost didn’t go because my oldest is being such a little shit  turkey lately. I cannot WAIT to have school start on Tuesday !

It’s mommy’s very own Christmas. Only it’s guaranteed to last at least 6.5hrs while he’s at school.

My daughter is being a turkey as well, but it’s because she’s feeding off him. And she’s much easier to reign in when it gets out of hand.

Siblings. I did it to myself, i know. But here’s the thing. Would you rather have an only child (aka my husband) or the product of sibling rivalry (aka me’self)

I obviously voted for the sibling thing. I keep telling myself it’ll all work out when they’re in their late teens/twenties. It’ll be worth it then, right? And most certainly when i’m old and need someone to look after me.

But until then, i must endure the spontaneous piggy back rides and wrestling. The arguing over any and every whole/piece/partial toy that is taken by ‘the other one’. The bickering and whining. The crying and yelling.

This crap will push a woman back to work!!

And just when i think i can’t take it anymore.. there’s Tuesday staring me down on my calendar. Tuesday with the hearts and happy faces all over it indicating a most special day. The long awaited First Day of School !

The day we turn our beastly animals back into their natural habitats – the class room.

Good luck ,teachers. Good luck with that back to school funk of “Ok class, do you remember how to hold a pencil?”  and “Ok kids, let’s all remind ourselves what a line looks like.”  “No, Jimmy, your hands belong in your own pockets.”  “Marge, please keep your boogers off of your neighbor.”   “Brian, we don’t sneeze into the mouth of our friends.”


God bless you teachers, one and all… now here. Take my kid.

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