Sometimes I wish i had more of a con artist heart… but alas, it’s just not in me. At least, not on a large scale. I sent Disneyland an email about our park experience. I lauded them with praise for the access pass they allow for kids that need some special assistance. Also, for finding and mailing my daughter’s park-purchased new toy. However, I was honest about my frustration and disappointment with the witch-faced cast member that did not do anything to assist me in leaving something for my mom to grab while i took my barfy kid back to the hotel.

From this, I was told I needed to speak to the claims dept. I asked why, and fully admitted that I didn’t blame Disneyland for my kid getting sick. He told me i should just bring it to their attention and speak with someone.


So i was patched through.

This poor woman I was handed to was in much need of an extended coffee break. Like a two week coffee break… or perhaps retirement. I can’t imagine the amount of bitching calls she must get on a daily basis. Then there’s me. Confused and unsure as to what i’m even supposed to tell her. She immediately began taking down my information and asked about details of our vacation. I had to stop her to ask what the point was since I wasn’t holding Disneyland responsible.

See, if i were a little more wicked, i could have tried to milk it for all it was worth… like a re-do. Like another trip!! I could have insisted that it was THEIR fault i had to subject my poor kid to TWO Urgent Care visits and it ruined our trip completely.

So i ended up just sputtering out that I was mad we had to pay for our Princess lunch when all we ate was a weird appetizer and none of the actual food. I just got a lot of “mm hmm”s and “uh huh”s out of her. I took that as a challenge, so i made a joke about scaring poor Sleeping Beauty and was rewarded with a chuckle.

So i hung up after being told someone would contact me further once my information was passed along.

I feel equal parts guilty and stupid for not taking full advantage of this opportunity. I instantly thought about the day I lost sitting in the hotel room with her while my mom had actually paid for three full days for MY ticket (since my 2 yr old was free) and i really only used 2 days worth.

We all know that park makes money hand over fist by the second, so what’s the big deal?

I’m still shocked they even go out of their way to fix every single situation you bring to them. I mean, they DO make money regardless, so to find a company that is so overboard (in a positive way) with customer service is so refreshing and surprising, i guess my brain is taking a while to catch up. I’m not used to operating with my defenses down.

So for all of you out there bummed that your kid got sick on vacation at Disneyland, if you inform them that you feel your kid became ill because of the park, it seems they do what they can to rectify that situation…. i have yet to see what that means, but the fact i was urged to follow through from their own customer relations dept is still baffling.

the saga continues


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