Knuckle Sandwich

Today i get to write about my daughter! She cracks me up constantly and she is such a source of joy. So I punched her in the eye.

Lemme ‘splain

I was trying to get her dressed this morning. She was being a pre-three year old and resisting and playing and being goofy and doing anything BUT what i’m trying to accomplish. I sat down on her toddler bed. I grabbed the shirt i wanted to put on her. She was spinning around. She leaned in to throw a barrette beside me as i reached down to get her night shirt off and WHAM! My knuckle went right to her eyeball. Knuckle to socket.

She waited a second. I realized what happened and tried not to freak out.

“Oh my goodness, i’m so sorry!”

Then she began to cry. Understandably.

I asked to look at her eye and she says, “You punched me in the eye!!”

After seeing she was ok, i tried not to laugh about it. I scooped her up and kissed and hugged her and told her i was sorry. We moved on.

All morning I kept waiting for CPS to jump out from behind a tree and arrest me.

They didn’t.

So tonight, i’m putting her in her jammies and she just says, “Why did you punch me in the eye?”

“It was an accident, honey. I didn’t punch you.”

and she says, “it was a knuckle sammich! YOU want a knuckle sammich?!”

i lost it.

i haven’t laughed that hard in days! my 2 year old is dancing around like mini Mohammad Ali, zapping her hand toward me, frowning her little faux-frown and saying, “You want a knuckle sammich?!”

Best bedtime story ever


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