Birthday Girl

This is for any of you coming to her party. We get lots of questions about what she might like, just as i ask when going to a party for another kiddo.

Anyway, walking through Target yesterday I had a stroke of genius.. if i do say so myself. At the risk of looking terribly materialistic and presumptuous, i decided to take pics of the things i know she’d really like. Easy peasy! If you got her a card, that’s fantastic, too! If you want to go with something not on the list, totally fantastic also! This is for anyone stuck or feeling especially uninspired. 🙂


Gemma loves the minions. ESP the purple guys! – something about the mean ugly ones entices her i suppose?


Any superhero dress up girlie stuff is always a hit! I just got her the SuperGirl PJs and she wore them to her brother’s orthodontist appt and the grocery store. She hasn’t taken them off yet. It does have a cape attached 🙂 (4T or 5T will work)


Since our Dland trip, and the Peter Pan ride, Gemma is obsessed with Capt Hook. Loves him. She is aware he is a bad guy and does not give a rat’s butt. I fear the teen years!


As i said… it’s a forbidden love, all the more sweet i suppose


They have a variety of princess purses that come with gloves or some other accessory. I think she’d love this.


Yet another superhero finally realized for the girl’s dept.

Again, I hope this doesn’t come off as obnoxious. It’s meant as a helpful tool, and i didn’t know of a better place to post it.

Party on, dudes & dudettes

As an afterthought, here’s what I got her if you want to choose something that goes with it (?)









It’s the Little People Disney Princess Song Palace. I also got the 2 pack of Tiana & Rapunzel.

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