Day Four

setting: My house a.k.a. The Jungle

Day four of my new exercise and food choices and my body is rejecting it all.

*pant pant*

I’ve walked each day for the past four days for a moderate to ridiculously brief amount of time. My ass has been on the sofa when not running about the house or driving to and fro. I’ve decided to share food with the natives – the children – so as not to fully ingest all of the food i forage for myself. They seem to appreciate it.

Today, however, after two days in a row of partaking in the morning Starbucks ritual most locals favor, i’m not feeling so great.

After picking up my son from the educational village, I let him know i’m not feeling well, so i might be laying low when we get back to the hut. His solution, “don’t worry mom, i can take care of everything. why don’t you lay down? I can make sandwiches. I’m great at making sandwiches.”

It seems my delirium has landed me in an alternate universe where the children are helpful and sweet.i’m not sure i want to leave this universe

my head is spinning and my body is shaky

*pant pant*

As a last ditch effort to right my wrongs of veggies and proper snacking, i threw some sugar down my gullet in the form of sugary pumpkin mellow treats to see if that will set my body and head back to feeling ‘right’.

So far it hasn’t worked.

I tried apples and peanut butter as an alternative.

I fear it’s made it worse.

*wild-eyed, panicky, rocking in the corner*

My body is in overload of all new experiences. Fresh air. Fruit. Veggies. Exercise.

I’m hallucinating, surely, because the children are beginning to resemble fun-size chocolate treats. Treats that can run around the house and scream and yell out of their wrappers.

Hopefully i can close my eyes and reset my brain and wake up in a more dietary-acceptable body and home.

… that, or perhaps the treadmill will just run me over and finish the job.



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