Extra Hours

I’d like to give my ‘extra hour’ back today. I’d like even more to cash it in for a do-over or better yet, an hour of sleep. Not the ‘i’m going to go to sleep’ type of sleep, because that consists of 30 minutes of ipading and then fifteen minutes of checking off and making lists in my head, and then maybe ten minutes of actual sleep. I’d like to trade in my one hour gained for a solid 60 minutes of REM sleep.


I feel like we are intentionally set up for disappointment with this time change. I’ve always heard how we gain an hour, we don’t lose it. This just meant the kids were up at 6am because their little internal clocks are still set for 7am. And at 6 it’s 7, because 7 is now 6 and at 8 it’ll be the ‘before 7’ and so on and so forth.

This means i want to hide under the bed at 6 instead of 7.

I love having a smart phone. It DOES make life easier, but it makes all the other technology dumb. I have a smart phone, but a dumb car stereo now. We drove the kids around this morning because , quite frankly, one of us was going to choke someone before noon today (or 11) if we didn’t get the kids strapped into a seat inside a moving vehicle. We had an arbitrary destination that we only spent ten minutes looking in. The walk in the parkinglot was even an adventure. Anything not to be locked at home within the same four walls. I had a time set to have lunch with my mom, and as my husband was driving me back home, i was looking at my car clock, and not my phone. According to the car, i was right on time to meet my mom…. but when I checked my phone and saw the actual time, I now have 40 minutes to kill, but not by sleeping.  So it seems my smart phone has made me dumb as well.

I love my kids and my husband dearly, but damned if this traveling he does doesn’t make it that much more complicated to adjust to a normal life while he’s around. I have my own set routine and ‘way’ with the kids. Yes it drives me crazy and i get overwhelmed without having my cell mate partner, but when he is here, i get pissed he’s not doing it the right way – a.k.a. MY way 🙂

It seems a convergence zone has moved in above my head today and caused all sorts of feelings and emotions and issues and gripes. Yes, please direct me to where i can turn in this hour of craziness in exchange for my regular crazy.



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