Every New Year we discuss it and think about it and ponder over it. Resolutions. Losing weight, quitting smoking, not sleeping with your ex, less fast food, cutting out the heroin and/or crack cocaine.  (for the Politicians reading this)

I am determined this time to a-start early and b-follow through with my number one character flaw. Interrupting.

Actually, laziness is probably my number one flaw, but eh… i’ll get to that another time

I was at a friend’s house today and it’s as if i have turrets in the form of interrupting. I know i’m doing it as i’m doing it and i still do it. It’s like i’m mentally deficient in self-control.

I left the play date berating myself for doing it repeatedly … well, for that and my child’s lack of manners. My daughter was too busy crying and having a fit to say thank you and goodbye to our hosts and i just wanted to get her out of there and strapped into her car seat behind the van door so no one else had to hear her crying and screaming for longer than necessary.

So to all my friends and acquaintances who have had to endure my rude and inappropriate habit of interrupting; i am sorry and i am working on it! I am going to stop the habit i correct my own kids from doing on a daily basis, what a concept!!


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