Ho Ho Ho

It’s the season -and grade – of Santa. My 2nd grader has been asking me if Santa is real. His friends at school don’t believe anymore. Second. Grade. So sad Anyway, I obviously told him he is absolutely real. Then he asks, “yea, but the ones at the malls taking pictures aren’t real, right? They […]

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New ‘hood

We are in the new place now and things are going great. Despite still living around boxes, everyone has adjusted fabulously. During our first move day, a few neighbors came over to introduce themselves, and I had an inkling of panic that i’d screw up the whole first impression thing -apparently there’s only one first […]

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We are in the new house… barely. Its at the stage where the major stuff is in, the TV is up, the furniture is mostly placed, but we still dont have cable/internet and the clean vs. dirty laundry piles are unclear. You know what goes great with this? A department Christmas Holiday winter party! Yes, […]

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A few thoughts on moving

Damn. Looks like someone forgot to grab the Weight Watchers scale. Maybe i’ll pick it up after stopping for Mexican food. Hmm.. I think there’s a holiday coming up. Oh yea! Christmas. No need to purchase gift boxes or bags this year. Gonna wrap gifts in packing paper and box them with Home Depot moving […]

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Moving Day

I hear people say things after moving like; “I managed to unpack all my boxes over the weekend! I’m all done unpacking!” and I imagine they moved with one box and one suitcase. Or they accomplished it because they live alone. That must be it! I have found a whole new area of inadequacy in […]

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