A few thoughts on moving

Damn. Looks like someone forgot to grab the Weight Watchers scale. Maybe i’ll pick it up after stopping for Mexican food.

Hmm.. I think there’s a holiday coming up. Oh yea! Christmas. No need to purchase gift boxes or bags this year. Gonna wrap gifts in packing paper and box them with Home Depot moving boxes.

Tasting dust on your tongue all day cuts down on the snacking habits

Counting daily aches and pains puts me to sleep. Comparing how many less i have each day is soothing

How badly do i need to bend over to pick something up off the floor? How far can I kick it before getting to the door/trash can/garbage bag/grocery bag/fast food bag

When picturing myself in the master bath soaking tub, i am chin deep in bubbles with candles and soft light around me. Apparently i am also 120lbs and 5ft2 in my head. In reality im 5’11 and 2nd fat roll deep in bubbles with my boobs freezing and flopping in the wind. The soft light is the glare from the vanity lights. In reality i feel like an oversized toddler waiting for my mom to come wash my hair.

When picturing myself soaking in the bubbling hot jacuzzi, i never anticipated the burning rash that would cover parts of my body the following day.

Why dont people move more often? It’s a hoot!

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