We are in the new house… barely. Its at the stage where the major stuff is in, the TV is up, the furniture is mostly placed, but we still dont have cable/internet and the clean vs. dirty laundry piles are unclear.
You know what goes great with this? A department Christmas Holiday winter party! Yes, squeezed between unpacking, contractor appointments, laundry and dishes, i want to squeeze my rear end into holiday party attire.
My husband says they keep reiterating the dress code is casual. ‘dress as you would come to work. nothing fancy’ Think anyone would mind yoga pants, a dirty t-shirt sans bra and some comfy socks and crocs?!
Afterall, thats MY daily work attire.
NooOOoO, I have to find jeans that fit and look like they were bought for a date night and not painting the house. I have to find a clean-enough shirt that doesnt hug the Michelin Tire rolls. And shoes that arent crocs or flip flops.
I’ll choose the bright side and appreciate that im not home unpacking and doing stairs endlessly. I’d say im looking forward to cocktails, but it’s only beer & wine 😦
If only I had unpacked my flask..

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