Mind Tricks

I’ve fallen victim to medical mind tricks. Damnit! Damn silent stoic know-it-all doctor face. I had to go in for a prescription renewal yesterday. This is something I have been putting off. Irresponsible, yes. Logical, of course not. Like that ever stops me from following through with a thought process?! The script is for blood […]

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Damn! He’s Cute.

I will preface this by saying I have no clue if i’ve already written on this subject before. Too bad. Twelve years ago I had a great afternoon with my Great Aunt Norine. She was an amazing lady. Very strong and still gentile and elegant. She was beautiful her whole life. So poised and put […]

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Just A Rehearsal

Apparently my daughter has spent the last four months of being 3 practicing and plotting for the real unveiling of THREEDom. As of last week this very well-slumbered child decided everything in her room suddenly takes on scary shapes and sounds. Actually, it happens throughout the day at inconvenient times. Like the imaginary Gargantuan face-eating […]

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My nerves should be shot. The way the day has gone, I’m not sure why I’m not face down in a margarita by now, but i’m good. Yay me. This is either a sign that i’ve grown up a little as a parent, or i’ve completely given over to the chaos and it just doesn’t […]

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PSA: Whales

http://blackfishmovie.com/ My husband and I watched Blackfish on Netflix last week. I completely and highly recommend this documentary. ESPECIALLY if you are planning and hoping and saving to take your family to Sea World. I will admit first and foremost that I have been to Sea World San Diego three times. Growing up in Southern […]

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Mrs Game Designer

Here are some facts I wish I had known before marrying into the life of a game industry professional: No he does not play video games all day. He plays life games like ‘how to change a lightbulb while small children run beneath your stool’. How to manipulate a family outing into a Fry’s Electronics […]

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Be A Follower!

It dawned on me last week that I actually have a whole twenty followers. Twenty whole people are interested in what I have to say … or at least they fake it pretty well 🙂 This number may not sound like a lot to some, but considering I’m surprised when I get a rare comment, […]

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Lobby Letter

Dear Fellow Special Parent, Each week we sit in the same waiting room. Each week you drive me crazy! Guess what? You might feel the need to overcompensate, but we are all of a similar mind here. We ALL have outstanding kids that need a little extra magical mystical attention. You are not the only […]

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Tell me what you do. Are you a Police Officer? A Firefighter? A Doctor? No?! That must mean what you do isn’t very important. Does your job make a difference? To whom? I need to know that in order to form an opinion of your worth. Furthermore, do you do your job well? Do you […]

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Face Poking

So my day started with a needle in my nose. How did YOU start YOUR day? I am always on the lookout for skin abnormalities. I grew up in Southern California and since lived in Arizona and Texas. I’m now ‘safely’ under the cover of clouds in the Pacific Northwest and seemingly in much less […]

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