Mind Tricks

I’ve fallen victim to medical mind tricks. Damnit! Damn silent stoic know-it-all doctor face. I had to go in for a prescription renewal yesterday. This is something I have been putting off. Irresponsible, yes. Logical, of course not. Like that ever stops me from following through with a thought process?! The script is for blood […]

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Damn! He’s Cute.

I will preface this by saying I have no clue if i’ve already written on this subject before. Too bad. Twelve years ago I had a great afternoon with my Great Aunt Norine. She was an amazing lady. Very strong and still gentile and elegant. She was beautiful her whole life. So poised and put […]

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Just A Rehearsal

Apparently my daughter has spent the last four months of being 3 practicing and plotting for the real unveiling of THREEDom. As of last week this very well-slumbered child decided everything in her room suddenly takes on scary shapes and sounds. Actually, it happens throughout the day at inconvenient times. Like the imaginary Gargantuan face-eating […]

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My nerves should be shot. The way the day has gone, I’m not sure why I’m not face down in a margarita by now, but i’m good. Yay me. This is either a sign that i’ve grown up a little as a parent, or i’ve completely given over to the chaos and it just doesn’t […]

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PSA: Whales

http://blackfishmovie.com/ My husband and I watched Blackfish on Netflix last week. I completely and highly recommend this documentary. ESPECIALLY if you are planning and hoping and saving to take your family to Sea World. I will admit first and foremost that I have been to Sea World San Diego three times. Growing up in Southern […]

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Mrs Game Designer

Here are some facts I wish I had known before marrying into the life of a game industry professional: No he does not play video games all day. He plays life games like ‘how to change a lightbulb while small children run beneath your stool’. How to manipulate a family outing into a Fry’s Electronics […]

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Be A Follower!

It dawned on me last week that I actually have a whole twenty followers. Twenty whole people are interested in what I have to say … or at least they fake it pretty well 🙂 This number may not sound like a lot to some, but considering I’m surprised when I get a rare comment, […]

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