New Attitude

Ok, so it might be considered just a spit-shine rather than ‘new’, but a girl has to start somewhere!
I dont usually make resolutions (isn’t that how all resolutions start?) buuuuuut, the first and only is to be a responsible home owner!
If something spills, im gonna clean it up!
If something is broken, i’m gonna a-fix it, or b-nag my husband until he does it regardless of whether or not he has achieved his high score, made it to a check point, or finished downloading from Steam.
I’m going to do the laundry before we are all going into public with mismatched socks and skivvies that are ‘clean enough’.
I’m going to put the laundry away instead of answering “which basket is the clean one?” from each room
Im finally going to dust
I will NOT, however, iron a damn thing, and i’m a-ok with that
I will not tolerate clutter in the house! The garage, closets and kids’ rooms are notwithstanding, of course
You have to try and keep within the parameters of reality to be successful, hence the lack of iron
I will nag my husband to mow, and possibly encourage it, by blindfolding him and leading him to the mower to which i will handcuff him…. or i’ll ‘accidentally’ unplug/cut/strip the internet cable
I will be less judgmental and more open-minded
I will keep better track of the bills and actually pay them on time

——— i accidentally deleted half of my post. i am bitter and a little angry and now cannot seem to recall the monumental hilarity that is forever floating in the nether. use your imagination————-

happy new year, everyone!! may you look back and appreciate the journey, and tune out the whining

*throws confetti

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