Back to School Eve

Published January 6, 2014 by sarcasmica

I’m giddy with excitement at the realization tomorrow is the first day back to school for my little rainbow-outlined, ray of 2nd grade sunshine.

Hopefully I will sleep!

It’s also the first real full day back to work for my husband since we bought and moved into our house.

Images of me running half naked through the entire house with my three year old looking on in horrified confusion fill my brain. What will be the first thing I do?! Laundry?! Vacuuming?! Sweeping and mopping?!

The possibilities are endless! And i only have one little being to answer to, not a Dictator, an invalid and a little being.

Did i mention giddy with excitement??

This past two weeks really has flown by with the move, the moving out, the moving in, the holidays and visitors. I’m so ready to get back to ‘normal’ that i’m actually looking forward to uninterrupted laundry time.

It’s sick and twisted and i’m slightly alarmed by it. In fact, if it didnt result in domestic productivity i’d be checking myself in for drugs to stop it.

While delusions of unrealistic productivity are setting up my brain for imminent disillusionment, I think it’s safe to say we’d all be shocked if i manage one single load of clothes to be washed AND put away. Let’s face it; it is ME we’re talking about. And unless the internet or cable is planning to go down, I am looking at all sorts of quiet peaceful solitude to soak in.
…at least for the first day.

Goodnight my fellow parents. May all of your busses be on time and carpool dropoff be happy and quick. enjoy that first cup of solitary coffee!!


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