Now What?!

So i’m in the thick of my freedom. Kid at school and other kid is napping. I have done two loads of laundry now and have another basket ready to go.

I am lookin’ at my laundry, and my laundry is lookin’ at me. We are both confused. It has not been on the floor nearly long enough to attempt to walk itself to the washing machine – as my mom so often threatened. I’m looking at it and thinking, “Crap! Now that it’s clean, it can’t just go back onto the floor. ”

I have set up a budget in an actual program my husband installed and icon’d right in the middle of my damned monitor screen. I have met with the handyman, cooked lunch, and now i’m watching the clock and figuring out the last possible minute I will have before having to drive the now extra 15 minutes to pick up my son.

This is the life, people.

For all of you working moms hiding under your desk, or in the break room or warehouse checking the internet wishing you were anywhere but work, here’s life of a SAHM. I have playdoh under my nails, pizza bites in my teeth, an unwashed bum in clean undies, and my husband’s broken sandals on my socked feet wondering if i should be selfish with the last hour of my freedom or be productive more productive.

I think selfishness and a cup o’ joe will come out on top.

To all you people out there in heels and skirts and bras and washed bodies, enjoy your adult conversations. Enjoy your peaceful car rides in traffic. Enjoy your office chair without gum, candy canes, play doh or markers on it. Enjoy your sticky-free desk. (i would hope) and go home and kiss your spouse, sig other, parent, roommate, cat, etc.

It was my choice to stay at home and I do love it, but it’s nice to have it acknowledged once in a while that this day job can be hard, too. Dirty, hard, drab and boring all at the same time. And also, just because i get to DVR and actually watch a show or two during the day. It takes me three times longer to get through it. But i don’t have to share my coffee machine with crabby messy sloppy co-workers

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