My Little Corner

Things I am thankful for right now: 1. My jacuzzi -with or without my husband beside me in it 1-a. My ability to block out all werewolf/vampire/grizzly bear/serial killer neighbors/angry insomniac toddler scenarios that my husband puts out there as we sit in a dark and peaceful back yard in said bubbly tub 2. DVR. […]

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No Shoes For You!

I love zappos, but as a rule, I do not buy shoes unless they’ve been anchored onto my ginormous feet first. I was born tall and it didn’t stop til I was 16 or so. As a result, I suffer from socially unacceptable big ass feet… syndrome (?) This sucked as a kid trying to […]

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One Week Report

Bedtime nearly did me in tonight. I have made it one week without yelling at my kids as of tonight. I don’t think I managed to yell through all the talking back and attitude tonight, but I did swat a butt after a certain mini monster decided to hit her momma with a toy. To […]

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Managing Expectations

Tonight was a family dance at my son’s school. When it was announced, I wondered if my son would be interested given his sensory issues… he was. He really wanted to go, and I thought it would be a blast for all of us. Oh, how wrong I was. I left feeling like the worst […]

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Zipping My Lip

I follow few bloggers at this point, but the few are mighty in their POVs. One struck a cord with me recently and it’s this post: Rambling Rowes She mentions another blogger who has a No Yelling challenge The Orange Rhino Challenge Ultimately it’s about stopping the cycle of yelling by shutting your own pie […]

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From the Scene

This is ME reporting live from the scene of Mid Winter Break – Day 1. We are in the thick of this supposed mandatory “vacation” from school. I’m not entirely convinced this wasn’t a ploy by all the teachers to get together and go on a 5 day bender after two weeks of parent/teacher conferences […]

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Narcoleptic Threes

The stage my daughter is in now – the Narcoleptic Threes. She/We are phasing out her naps (God help me) and it means a series of things: 1. She can be really happy or really pissy at any given moment of the day 2. I can plan things in the afternoons now…. but not really, […]

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Parent Teacher Conference

I used to dread these. My kid is only in second grade, but our journey into education land was wrought with frustration and issues, and many many many questions. Starting in Pre School, my son had issues with school. Apparently above and beyond the usual “he’s just a boy and they aren’t programmed for typical […]

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