My Little Corner

Things I am thankful for right now: 1. My jacuzzi -with or without my husband beside me in it 1-a. My ability to block out all werewolf/vampire/grizzly bear/serial killer neighbors/angry insomniac toddler scenarios that my husband puts out there as we sit in a dark and peaceful back yard in said bubbly tub 2. DVR. […]

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No Shoes For You!

I love zappos, but as a rule, I do not buy shoes unless they’ve been anchored onto my ginormous feet first. I was born tall and it didn’t stop til I was 16 or so. As a result, I suffer from socially unacceptable big ass feet… syndrome (?) This sucked as a kid trying to […]

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One Week Report

Bedtime nearly did me in tonight. I have made it one week without yelling at my kids as of tonight. I don’t think I managed to yell through all the talking back and attitude tonight, but I did swat a butt after a certain mini monster decided to hit her momma with a toy. To […]

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Managing Expectations

Tonight was a family dance at my son’s school. When it was announced, I wondered if my son would be interested given his sensory issues… he was. He really wanted to go, and I thought it would be a blast for all of us. Oh, how wrong I was. I left feeling like the worst […]

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Zipping My Lip

I follow few bloggers at this point, but the few are mighty in their POVs. One struck a cord with me recently and it’s this post: Rambling Rowes She mentions another blogger who has a No Yelling challenge The Orange Rhino Challenge Ultimately it’s about stopping the cycle of yelling by shutting your own pie […]

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