Technologicallolly Advanced…olly

This, I am not. Not by a long shot. I have never been ‘tech savvy’ as people call it today. When I was a teenager, it was called “nerdy”. While I was a nerd, I did not have the added badge of Computer Literacy. I was a band geek, but not even a musical one. I was in the color guard. I spun the big long poles with a piece of material attached to the end. I wasn’t bad. I wasn’t great, either, but the social aspect was good. Not as good as I had hoped, but I digress.

When I was 15 or so we went on a band trip. This involved lots of sweaty teenagers on a long bus ride. The new technology of the time was portable CD players.

Being the broke teenager from a broke family, I did not have one of these, but my best friend did. We sat beside each other and she let me test it out. My thrill was overshadowed by my confusion at how it all worked. I myself was sporting a walkman:

Tapes only. Clear buttons indicating what the function of each was.

Listening to the CD player, I didn’t get how to go back and listen to a song over again. I asked her, “How do you rewind it?”

Much to the amusement of the entire bus. Gotta love teenage girls. Seeing my mortification, she instantly passed along through the entire bus that I was an idiot and “She actually asked how to REWIND a CD!”

I ended up getting a paper award at the banquet that year indicating my “Technologically Challenged” ways.

So now i’m sitting in 2014 and I have this blog that has been chugging along like the tough little engine it is. I keep seeing these biggerbetterBlogs that have ads and followers and fans and book deals, and I think to myself, “Why not me?” I have a marginal sense of humor, and my own take on how the world is operating these days.

I tread lightly into the “support and help” section and immediately my brain seizes up when I see words like “Domain Name” and “site hosting” and “HTML”.

Where I’m at now is I’ve registered my domain and I’m trying to get this Spruce Goose off the ground. I plan on doing lots of research, not at all hindered by my ADD that takes me back to Pinterest and Facebook, so I can make an honest attempt at being moderately successful.


My hopes are high people who currently come back and visit for a laugh or two will share this and “pass it along” as it were. I love getting comments and feedback on my posts. It makes me feel like actual live human beings are reading and enjoying my take on things, and not cyborg-like scanning devices simply looking for spam possibilities.

Also, if you yourself have had success running a “modern blog”, I would love any advice you could give a techno-challenged, community college edjumicated gal.

If I can operate an iPhone, there’s some hope, right?!

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