Narcoleptic Threes

The stage my daughter is in now – the Narcoleptic Threes. She/We are phasing out her naps (God help me) and it means a series of things:

1. She can be really happy or really pissy at any given moment of the day

2. I can plan things in the afternoons now…. but not really, because of fact #1

3. I have to be careful where I put her in the afternoons because she is likely to fall asleep at any given inopportune moment

4. Did I mention the mood swings???

It’s all great fun! It gives me one more reason to add a little sumpin sumpin to my beverage at dinner time. .. and bed time … and bath time and TV time and workout time

(HA! Did you laugh along with me on the last one?)

So here’s a glimpse of the recent most interesting situations i’ve been in.


This was after a busy play date at a fun play ground, so fully expected.. and adorable


This was after a day at home. An uneventful day at home and on our way to pick up big brother from school. The slack hands are a key sign to the state of consciousness. (they are STILL) She began ‘reading’ the book, all the while telling me “Don’t look at me!” and “Turn around!” when i’d glance back at her (during an absolute safe and stopped moment while driving!)


This was directly after trying out some “quiet time” in her room. An hour later she came downstairs and promptly fell asleep while watching the iPad. Feet cockeyed and half dangling.

These reinstate the fact that I always feel like i’m winging it. It’s kind of all you can do during this phase. I plan naptime, and it fails. I try and sneak it in with ‘quiet time’ and a show in her room, it backfires. I make a plan and try to go somewhere, she falls asleep in the car on the way there resulting in me staking out parking spots in odd places in any convenient lot, at the risk of making passersby very uncomfortable.

Now mind you, it was 57x worse with my son (as with most things) so I’m not complaining… it just makes life a bit more interesting. It’s like living with a bipolar narcoleptic. Do not look them in the eye, and make sure you have a pillow with you wherever you go! (and golfish… never. forget. the goldfish.)

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