From the Scene

This is ME reporting live from the scene of Mid Winter Break – Day 1.

We are in the thick of this supposed mandatory “vacation” from school. I’m not entirely convinced this wasn’t a ploy by all the teachers to get together and go on a 5 day bender after two weeks of parent/teacher conferences ending in a Valentine’s Party wrought with sweets and sugar and candy and cakes and amped up twirling spinning whining shrieking kids.

Do I blame them? Absolutely not. Am I happy about this? Absolutely not.

Surprisingly, today has proven challenging not for my 2nd grader, but for the three year old. I did not see that one coming… as with a lot of my parenting surprises. Despite Redboxing a fav of the little monsters, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, they were bored and restless by 11am. Even AFTER giving them each one sugary valentine’s treat during the movie. The Nerve!! I dug through the now-dry garage (see my Strange Days post) ((at some point i’ll figure out how to do a direct link to my other posts… 😦   ))  to find my craft box to set up this activity which was always a hit with my son:

My daughter was done after a few pepperings of pink vinegar. Then it was Fit City with her shrieking and crying and foot stomping and shouting…. for zero acceptable reasons. We are talking “there’s a speck of dust on the floooooooooooor. It’s gonna get meeeeeeeeeee!” and “i WONT go potty!! There’s a spider in theeeeeeerrrreeeeee WAAAAAAAAAHHHH”

Zero reasons for the drama.

I threw some hot dogs and oranges at them, and then whisked the little one upstairs for more fighting and eventually nap time. This whole nap resistance and phase out/fade in/floor napping is driving us all bananas.  Even my son who is King Fit has had it with her mood swings… which is not at all lacking in irony. I’d be amused by it if i wasn’t busy being annoyed and trying not to lose my shit at the three year old who is losing her shit.

ANYWAY, so this ‘vacation’ of my school-aged child is shaping up fabulously!! Now where can I declare officially that I need a mid-toddler break ?!

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