One Week Report

Bedtime nearly did me in tonight. I have made it one week without yelling at my kids as of tonight. I don’t think I managed to yell through all the talking back and attitude tonight, but I did swat a butt after a certain mini monster decided to hit her momma with a toy. To follow up, she spit her tongue out at me. To which the bedtime three ring circus of Over Excitable Boy commenced. Around and around we went with me having to be Momma Bear instead of Mom Bot.

It wasn’t quite a fail, but no one was read a bedtime story as a result of their actions… and there were no protests when it was taken away, which tells me they are sleeping with very guilty consciences tonight… for at least two and a half minutes.

I’m working on a routine instead of meandering through the day. Bedtime always has a routine, and that rarely goes over well. Hopefully I don’t wreck the streak tomorrow. I think it was to my advantage that week one of no yelling was during quasi PMS time. I was soft and patient with emotions and love for my little monsters. This week, however, the mask of impatience and exasperation seems to be eeking it’s way back onto my face.  I think I deserve extra story time for mommy as a treat…. that and a smidge of ice cream.


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