My Little Corner

Things I am thankful for right now:

1. My jacuzzi -with or without my husband beside me in it
1-a. My ability to block out all werewolf/vampire/grizzly bear/serial killer neighbors/angry insomniac toddler scenarios that my husband puts out there as we sit in a dark and peaceful back yard in said bubbly tub

2. DVR. ’nuff said

3. Healthy children
3-a. My diligent need to check the kids before going to bed so I can prevent the toddler from her repeated attempts to asphyxiate herself with any of the myriad of paraphernalia she insists on sleeping with night after night

4. Sleeeeeep. I love sleep like a diabetic loves modern medicine

5. My husband.
5-a. My husband who’s fair share of crazies make my mood swings look like patty cake
5-b. I have a husband who is smart enough not to cringe at my wooly tree trunk winter legs (the summer version doesn’t change in girth, but are at least smooth more often)

6. Mood Swings
6-a. My ability to not fully commit to a mood swing. It doesn’t take much to lure me out of a mood swing; good TV show, a snack, sleep

7. This little corner plot of Cyberville where i can say or do whatever the hell i please with little to no repercussions
7-a. My obscurity and near invisibility that allows no one to know to be offended or pissed that I uttered an unpopular opinion
7-b. My husband only reads the posts I email him….and even then, i’m not convinced

8. Facebook
8-a. There is always someone in your newsfeed that makes you feel:
better about your own choices
that you aren’t the only whack job out there
motherhood and friendship take on many different meanings

9. Alcohol – even in theory

10. Cars. I can barely make it from the car to the kitchen with the grocery bags. I cant imagine doing the trip three times back and forth from the store to get it all home.

11. Blogging. This is where you can go for instant gratification/feedback to reiterate your own ideas really aren’t that crazy… right??

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