No Shoes For You!

I love zappos, but as a rule, I do not buy shoes unless they’ve been anchored onto my ginormous feet first.

I was born tall and it didn’t stop til I was 16 or so. As a result, I suffer from socially unacceptable big ass feet… syndrome (?)

This sucked as a kid trying to find suitable shoes for dances/parties/school. My mom always chanted at me “if you were a size 5, you’d fall over!”

There were days, my friends, I would have gladly tipped over once or twice just to be able to wear a normal pair of cute completely uncomfortable shoes.

I recently ordered my first pair of Danskos on a tip from someone answering my Croc whining. I have back issues (sciatica) and Crocs – while hideously ugly and socially exiling – work fantastic for me. I was told Danskos were the ‘Soccer Mom Crocs’. Cute, lots of color choices, and VERY very comfy. I guess they are a popular nurse shoe.

Anyhoo, I saved my pennies (paid my credit card off to make enough room for) and bought my first pair from zappos. Not only did I receive my order, but I was sent an additional box by mistake. It was labeled the same order, but upon opening it, found a smaller and less appealing pair.

The devil on my shoulder piped up and said, “you know …. if you returned the small ones, you could possibly have that first pair free!”

But my life’s luck told me otherwise. I tried on the original pair to find they did not at all fit correctly. For $130 they should have felt like they were made specifically to my foot. Quite the opposite was true. So now I have to return BOTH pairs and endure the headache of both returns.

Speaking with a zappos customer service person today, however, I inquired about a possible “honesty policy bonus” and actually received one! Woot!!

Now, if only my printer would stop guzzling ink like a Kardashian in a club, I could get a swift refund.

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