Snow Days

I made the mistake earlier in the week announcing to my daughter that snow was in the forecast this weekend. I wont do that again. She’s 3 and doesn’t understand ” in 10 minutes” let alone “in 3 days”. I showed her the wall calendar and put a big snowflake on Saturday. It was only […]

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Stranger Days

So now i’m standing in my open garage with my hands on either side of my head, a deer-in-the-headlights look on my face, uttering “fuckfuckfuck!”. It might not have helped, but uttering “Dagnabbit!” wouldn’t have helped either. Nothing worse than that feeling of absolute uselessness while something catastrophic is happening right before your eyes. It […]

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Strange Days

This morning I knew today was going to be strange, but I had no idea. None. I’ve been dealing with a minor rash the last couple of days. No clue what it’s from, but they are not unheard of on this chiseled super model physique I have going on. It tends to resolve itself after […]

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