Sick n’ Snotty

Dear Usually Very Healthy Child, If you sneeze into my face one more time, i’m going to put red pepper in your chicken soup! Ok, not really. But i’m tempted. Also, pulling out one tissue to wipe the one little clear snot bubble dripping out of your nostril does not kill the entire tissue. You […]

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Fresh Meat

We are getting new neighbors… like now. As I type this there is a U-Haul in the neighboring driveway. Please, Little Baby Jesus, let them be normal, not uptight, friendly and non-judgmental in a relatable and coffee-talk-judgmental of only those I dont like type of way. Please let their kids be fun and respectful and […]

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Each place we have moved has meant a new start finding friends. This is a difficult task as a grown up, and has been written about many times over. This last move had me out searching again for like-minded, like-parenting, normal, sane(ish), funny women I can both relate to and hopefully be relatable to. The […]

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Mom School

This entry is more for my own reference. Something I can go back and review in a concise place. There will (hopefully) be more in the next couple of weeks, but here’s the first. I’m taking a positive parenting class right now. I roped a friend into going with me, which was especially great for […]

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I’m taking a class on how to be a better parent; Positive Discipline & Parenting. Tonight, on a whim, I asked my kids to draw a picture for me o look at while i’m at class. Here’s what i got: My daughter, 3.5, did hers first. ‘A Vampire’. She drew it sideways. My son, 7, […]

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Monday, bloody Monday

Usually I look forward to Mondays. This was not the case when I woke up this morning, however. Despite the gorgeous weather, i’m kaput today. We were outside for most of the weekend. Soaking it in, as it were. We went garage sale hunting. And by ‘hunting’, i mean we became cartographers of the Eastside. […]

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Fattys Dance, Too!

Dear XBox 360 Kinect Game Creators, Fat people dance, too! Consider it a freebie on your next dance game. I live in a rainy, weather-unpredictable climate. I do not like lugging a big clunky stroller outside in the rain, and throwing my big clunky three year old inside it, and hearing her whine all throughout […]

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People Watcher

I often get accused of staring at people. I can’t say its always unwarranted. Im fascinated with people’s stories. I compare interactions, I consider dialogue, I especially wonder about couples. I suppose it might come from my lack of observable relationships growing up in my own home. My parents divorced when I was 8, and […]

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Produce Prodigy

THIS, I am not. But i’m trying, so that’s worth something I hope. I just began a new produce delivery service. I did this not because I know what to do with unpackaged, unprepared, unfrozen food. I did it in the hopes a giant box of plants would inspire me to be smarter with my […]

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