Each place we have moved has meant a new start finding friends. This is a difficult task as a grown up, and has been written about many times over. This last move had me out searching again for like-minded, like-parenting, normal, sane(ish), funny women I can both relate to and hopefully be relatable to.

The SAHM has many challenges, one of the most important being finding a support system. If you dont agree, lock yourself in your home with one rabid, three-legged hyena and try training it to jump through a hoop and poop on the toilet. Now add another. Now take away half of your pantry and 75% of the contents of your fridge.

And maintain this for one week without help.

I feel like playdates and especially MNO (moms night out) are our lifeline to adulthood, normalcy, evolved conversation that includes potty talk and real honest to goodness swear words. ..and somehow talk of pee and poo, but in a totally grown up and scientific way.

I couldnt be the quasi-well-adjusted and sane(ish) person I am if it hadnt been for all the amazing ladies I have spent countless lunches, park dates, and coffee dates and happy hours and even the occassional breakfast with all over the Western/Southwest/Northwest states of this country.

I miss the ones i’ve had to move away from. I cherish the new ones moreso because I know their value. I think of all the women who have shaped the type of mother I try to be and I wish there was a way to show my appreciation to each individual Super Woman. Instead, i’ll have to settle for grouping everyone together in a meager and unknown blog post.

I miss so many of you and hope you think of me from time to time.

Well enough sentimentality, who brought the vodka?

4 thoughts on “Friends

  1. In some Aussie vernacular, ‘blood oath mate.’ I had to google SAHM as I ain’t every bright but it’s a great acronym. A beautiful homage to friendship.


  2. I so feel your pain and wrote about this on my blog as well (It’s hard being the new mom on the block.) I have moved a few times and it is so hard to build a new support network. Here’s to brighter days ahead filled with sane-ish moms and carpools. Happy Friday.


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