Losing It, Losing It, Lost It!


Today I have declared National I Dont Care Day in our house.

Kids fighting? I dont care. Kids crying? I dont care. Kids bleeding? I could maybe find a band-aid.

Went out last night for moms night out with two friends and had a great time. I only had one drink so I was confused when I woke up with a headache…looking back it probably had more to do with the conditions I woke up to; “MOMMA!!! MOMMAMOMMAMOMMA!”

I leap out of bed to fight the three-eyed hairy snaggletoothed badguy that has obviously emerged from her closet to explain all the pre-dawn racket.

“I have boogers!!! i need a tissue”

I bit back my “Are you fucking kidding me?!” and tried to swallow my exasperation. I wiped boogers and even managed a kiss on the forehead before heading back to my cave. I felt the stirrings of a headache, but hoped more sleep would cure it. I hadnt fully caught up,from the 5:30am nosebleed with the other kid from the morning before, and was not feeling like riding the staircase to get some motrin…cause that makes sense. Nearly guaranteeing irradicating an awful headache by just going downstairs, or burying my head in the sheets and possibly waking up with a splitting headache.

Procrastination at its worst… or best?

Anyway, i am just drifting when I hear a little hand on my bedroom doorknob. She starts whimpering again because she cant open the door.

“I have to go potty.”

oh. my. god.

Take her, clean her, tuck her, back to bed.

This has resulted in my careless attitude today. I broke my no yelling record today and it wasnt even worth it at the time. I didnt get to yell a cuss word or scream something colorful and sarcastic. My 3 yr old was shouting from upstairs so after she was on repeat three times, I broke. “Just come downstairsssssss-uh!!!”

Am i proud? no. Do i care? Not particularly.

My head hurts too much to care. My children are being little a-holes today but mostly because i’m being a bigger one. ( Karen Alpert, Babysideburns.com )

I am looking very forward to Monday, needless to say.

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