New Fav Snack

So I have discovered a new favorite snack, and I love it! The frightening parts: 1. its totally vegetarian 2. its Caillou-simple to make 3. your kids will not try to steal it from you 4. you can change it, flip it, smack it, rub it down however you like 5. i have no idea […]

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A Whole Lotta Crazy

We went on a local ‘staycation’ this weekend. In fact, i’m on it now. I’m losing my effing mind Im laying in a surprisingly comfortable Best Western bed with actual clean sheets and pillows. How do I know this? The hotel is brand-spankin new. Just opened last week. Unless a fraternity stayed on the entire […]

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Mom Moments

I learned some things today: 1. It’s possible to wake up feeling giant, put on a pair of pants, and have them be loose! 2. Having fun and making my 7 year old laugh in the morning is the best way to wake up 3. In 2nd grade, it’s still ok for your mom to […]

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Thrift Store of Doooom

I’m still trying to decorate our house. We’ve been there since December and I’ve got a couple spots that are head-scratchers. There is a small landing above the front door that has stumped me. Whilst shopping at the thrift store today, I came across these beauties: How about that hovering above the door as you […]

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The Highlight Reel

Today was great. Here’s a list for myself to look back on and chuckle. 1. My daughter puts on the dress she received in her basket, heads to the full length mirror and says, “That’s incredible!!” 2. My son helping his baby sister find eggs. The pink eggs, and the crappy eggs with the stickers, […]

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Dear Bunny

Dear Easter Bunny, I bet you think you’re pretty funny. I do not appreciate the grey hair you left all over my head this Easter. I did not ask for it, I do not want it, and you can shove it up your cottontail. Next time this happens, momma’s gonna have herself four new lucky […]

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Today’s first dilemma was to make up or not to make up. For my drivers license the question is do i want to capture my everyday haggard no make up self and have to see it for the next six years, or do i put on shellac and fool anyone who wants to see my […]

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The Cycle

It continues. My husband and I both have been fairly active recently. It’s all relative, right? By “active” I mean I have not been contributing quite as much to the dent in the couch. I have purposely not weighed myself in a while because a- who needs that drama? and b- I didn’t want to […]

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Break Toll

It’s finally Friday. Last day of my son’s Spring Break. The whole thing has gone rather well, considering. My nerves and eardrums are just completely shot to hell at this point, though. Momma needs a vodka. So my son falls and epically crashes two days ago;  Belly Up   and today my daughter follows suit. It wasn’t […]

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