For The Record

My daughter thinks she’s pretty funny, and she’s the first to tell you so. Some of our more recent conversations:

I was holding her and walking my son out when she absentmindedly starts messing with my boobs.
Me: “Stop messing with my boobs.”
Her: “Why?”
Me: “Because they are mine. My body. I am the only one who gets to mess with them.” – unless daddy has been good and/or takes mommy out to a place that has bowls of alcohol with a straw and umbrella
Her: (as i put her down) “I have little booboos.”

so mine are categorized as “boobs” but hers are somehow called “booboos” This will in no way impact the teenage version of herself

We are out at dinner with my mom. My mom has a tissue paper flower my daughter begins to put atop people’s heads.
she puts it on my son’s head: “You are so beautiful”-said in a singsong Disney voice.
She puts it on her head: “look at me, i’m a beaauuuutiful Princess.”
She puts it on my head: I ask, “Aww, am I beautiful?”
her: “No.”
Me: “What? Why not?”
her: “Well…. you’re a littlebit beautiful.”

ouch. Im gonna assume tissue paper doesnt bring out the best in my features, but really?!

Thank goodness for my little ray of sunshine. I might start taking fashion advice from her.

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