Mom Moments

I learned some things today:

1. It’s possible to wake up feeling giant, put on a pair of pants, and have them be loose!

2. Having fun and making my 7 year old laugh in the morning is the best way to wake up

3. In 2nd grade, it’s still ok for your mom to walk you to your classroom

4. Tickling and hugging and silly-singing “I love you! Have a grrrrrrreat day!” in the line in front of all his friends is still fun and silly and not “like totally embarrassing”

5. I need to milk the last bit of 2nd grade for all it’s worth because I have a feeling 3rd grade will have a list of unacceptables from my “little” boy

6. When my son tells me “I like to play with myself sometimes at recess. I don’t always want people around me.”  actually means “I like to play BY myself”. I am impressed at his self-awareness and his appreciation and need to not always be surrounded by loud, rambunctious, constantly in-motion kids. For a sensory-challenged kid, this is an amazing sense of self regulation.

7. I am so thankful that this kid is mine

8. My son is smarter than me and it comes up out of the blue. Here was one snippet of our conversation regarding a plan for recess when he’s having trouble with his friends:

me: “what’s a good plan to have when you get angry at someone, but you don’t want to use mean words?”

him:  “You can remind me to use better words.”

me:  “well, the idea is you have to learn how to choose on your own because what if you get mad and i’m not there with you to help?”

him:   shocked and disappointed : “mom. you are always with me! You are in my heart!”

and just like that, a knife to my chest, and simultaneously feeling proud and impressed that some things do actually get through that noggin and stick

Today is starting out nicely, and i’m hopeful this can go down in the record books as a day I did not contribute to the adult therapy fund …  for my son at least



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