A Whole Lotta Crazy

We went on a local ‘staycation’ this weekend. In fact, i’m on it now.

I’m losing my effing mind

Im laying in a surprisingly comfortable Best Western bed with actual clean sheets and pillows. How do I know this? The hotel is brand-spankin new. Just opened last week. Unless a fraternity stayed on the entire second floor between last week and now, chances are pretty good its all pretty new. No spores in the carpet yet. No bleached out mildew in the shower. (yet) no bed bug colonies ..yet.

The unfortunate part is also that it’s new. The phone wasnt working, there’s weird noises, no extra bedding pre-stocked. They havent worked out the kinks yet. It took ten minutes for the fifty-ish desk clerk to give me back change for $5 on a $1.09 bottle of water.

She blamed it on the computers not working. I blame her third grade math teacher.

As I lay here in the new starchy bed listening to the hum/high frequency whine of the refrigerator, and the deep air hose breathing of my mom’s new sleep apnea machine, and the random sharp bark of my dog as my 7yr old sleeps/shifts/kicks/lunges/drools beside me i wonder why i’m not enjoying sleep from behind my own closed bedroom door at home.

I check my daughter for the twentieth time to make sure she’s still breathing after getting a lungfull of water at the pool earlier. Between that and her cold, im wondering how much sleep i’ll get

Turns out i wont get much sleep at all! After 2 hours of semi-sleep, a dance troupe checked in upstairs and began rehearsals for their hoofed animal variety show.

Calling the front desk resulted in a whole lot more activity before they finally bedded down for the night around 1am. What is wrong with people? Perhaps I should walk my dog upstairs in that hallway and allow him to leave a token of our unappreciation near their door.

I guess i’ve been doing a lot of exasperated sighing because my son keeps rolling over in his sleep and patting my face to reassure me. it would be cute if i weren’t so frigging passive aggressively annoyed beyond belief.

Nothing like a vacation to make you appreciate how much you love being home….where you sleep on the top floor…away from people

2 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta Crazy

  1. ha ha, we also slept in the same room as our wee sproglets over our mini break and whilst I love being close and snuggly, I sleep like a ninja and awoke every time there was a snuffle, burp (or bottom burp). Did enjoy the first night back in the upstairs, away from everyone room as well.


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