New Fav Snack

So I have discovered a new favorite snack, and I love it!
The frightening parts:

1. its totally vegetarian
2. its Caillou-simple to make
3. your kids will not try to steal it from you
4. you can change it, flip it, smack it, rub it down however you like
5. i have no idea what wine goes with an am veggie snack, but not because i wouldnt do it… i just dont like wine

1. One tortilla (i used spinach)
2. 1 30 minute TV show
3. Hummus of your liking (i use Sabra Roasted Red Pepper)
4. cucumber (sliced in circles)
5. carrots (chopped/sliced/diced/grated w/e)
6. crunchy veggies of your choosing (i used a pre-pkg chopped salad because im lazy and i am OK with that)

To do:
Turn on TV for kid so you can do this in one attempt. If you pass a pantry or fridge too many times, you will not stick with it long enough to try it.

Slather hummus on middle of tortilla top to bottom. Line up slices of cucumber vertically down one side of hummus. Add chopped/diced/grated carrots down the other side. Fill the middle of hummus with chopped salad/cabbage/whatever bulky, crunchy veggies you like. now fold top & bottom end over itself, and then wrap it all up. Cut it in half to force yourself not to wolf down the entire thing before the end of the babysitting educational TV show your littles are watching. Savor it. Much like the rare occassion your Sig Other takes over dishes, laundry or child entertaining. Savor the rare moments of satisfaction. Most importantly, let me know if you did it, and if you like it!

I ate this as a snack, by the way, and not a meal. Is that bad?

Ask me if i care.

happy crunching!!


(this is a picture from my ipad of my iphone picture. yes, i am that unorganized and lazy.)

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