Coma Anyone?

Belviq Side Effects in Detail – I catch the last 10 minutes of Bethenny this morning when I see an ad for a new weight loss medicine. It is a sad Debbie Downer of a commercial about how uncomfortable it is in social situations to not acknowledge when you feel full… or if you […]

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The Race Thing

I am the youngest of three by 6 and eight years. For a long time I was essentially an only child. My brothers were out of the house completely by the time I was 10. My parents divorced when I was 8 and as a result of all the madness, I always felt my place […]

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Enduring Flames

I had a long arduous night last night with an old flame. A flame that wouldn’t quit. It was exhausting! It was a DuraFlame Log. It’s been a pretty decent holiday weekend here. We’ve had many play dates and friends in and out and that has saved my sanity! More importantly, it’s let my three […]

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My daughter must be growing or building a bigger brain. She has been sleeping in all week. I’ve had to wake her three out of the last four days by 8 to get my son to school. Speaking of my son, he’s off of school tomorrow through Monday. I’m betting money they will both be […]

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Red Robin Letter

Its fair to say we frequent Red Robin on occasion. My son had an assignment to write a persuasive letter, and his topic of choice was Red Robin’s mac & cheese. For a second grader, it is the pinnacle of mac & cheese fine dining. Here is the letter:    

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What the Kid Says

“What does the kid say?” “No no no nonononono nonon no no no nO NO thank you.”  (a la “What Does the Fox Say?”) We’ve had three quotes so far this week: #1 Splashing and sitting and carefully standing in the cooled off jacuzzi last week, my daughter says, “My butt is water proof!” To […]

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Summer Approaches

This mosquito smorgasbord has had it, and it’s only May. Thankfully we are no longer in Austin where the ‘skeeters’ are pretty much year round and the size of a watermelon. The season is fairly short here, but damned if those buggers dont feast on this bodacious bod every day! I’ve had to Pinterest remedies […]

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This morning I was very thankful for Evite. We are having a bowling party for my son’s 8th birthday next month and today he wanted to contribute to the kitchen chalkboard: He loves to draw, but I can only imagine the phone calls if this was sent out as the invite!

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Mother’s Day

This morning I was thinking about mother’s day and getting wrapped up in what fun treasures my son may have made at school. What last minute gift my husband might be seeking out. What fun little drawing my daughter might make for me on a card. Then I began thinking about a woman I know […]

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