What I Dont Know

Right now, in this moment, here’s what I don’t know:

1. How to decorate. Despite the hundreds of pins i’ve found, admired, fantasized about, I now have two random strings of unimpressive LED solar lights hanging from a random tree in my backyard. I was going for down home rustic charm, what i have is trailer park techno.
why are solar powered ANYTHING sold in the Pacific North West?! I was doomed from the checkout line.

2. How to properly and thoroughly clean my house on a regular basis ..not just before a friend comes over… a good friend who i should clean better for, even! And not the sporadic, disgusted ADD cleaning that happens every couple of months. I just assume i’ve hit all the major spots after room-hopping for a frenzied hour.

3. How to integrate all the very logical and completely achievable tools i learned at my parenting class like now. On the plus side, I had two incidents this week that were snuffed out reasonably well (not quickly, but well) after using the major things that are at the forefront of my brain

4. How to get my second grader NOT to hide his homework

5. How to plan and follow a budget… other than using coupons at Target and calling it a win

6. How to not lose my shit when I see a bug when i’m with my daughter – which is all the time. She already has an exaggerated fear of them. And on top of stifling the little girl screams, having to kill said bug like a boss. I had to kill an ant that was the size of a small chihuahua in front of her today when it stomped through our tea party. My cat, the bug warrior, just looked at it from atop her cat tree like, “F-k that, dude. That is all you.” I didn’t mind overly much until all the segments separated into the carpet. i couldn’t do my heebie jeebie dance, and that isn’t sitting well with me

7. How to turn off my devices and go to bed!


2 thoughts on “What I Dont Know

  1. Not that I do better than anyone else when it comes to a clean house, but I “follow” a very encouraging lady who (apparently) does. She has doable suggestions that have helped me improve. Better, not perfect. Look for “flylady” if you’re interested in where to start.


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