Gym Beam

I joined the local Y. My motivation was actually not even exercise. I took a tour, still on the fence about it until we reached the child care center. The heavens opened up. Angels were singing. My heart skipped a beat. It was love!

Next up: the test. I dropped her off and continued on with the tour.

There were ZERO tears! There was a hesitant, unsure look at first, but she was quickly distracted by the giant indoor climbing playground. Something we would spend $7-10/day to play at.

Sold! Where do I sign up?!

Today was my first ‘workout’. Nothing is a motivational to go ride a stationary bike as a sick kid with croup housebound for a week while the husband travels for 2 weeks.

I managed 30mins/ 6.3 miles. Burning legs and lower extremities. Just me. No bike trailer occupied by a complaining child. No slow painful trek on the bike path with a new rider. No walking/riding/working chat-filled routine about my husband’s job woes.

I dont mind any of the above things. I am thankful for the opportunity to be annoyed by them all, but this solo thing with just me, and a room full of sweaty strangers straddling machines staring blankly ahead at devices and televisions ironically tuned to a cooking channel was a little slice of heaven.

oh, how life twists and tuns and changes. This would not have sounded like an escape or reprieve two years ago. But today… today i enjoyed getting my heart rate above ‘Couch Sloth’ for thirty minutes of the day.

Next adventure: Water Zumba! No, I have no idea what im getting myself into, but hide my body in 5 ft of water, take away the feeling of sweat on my body, and i’m in!
Something tells me i’ll be the youngest in the class by a decade or two, but i’ll still be movin and workin… off the couch and outta the house 🙂

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