What She Isnt

My daughter, Godbless’er, has been hijacking my ipad for the last three days to watch ‘Frozen’. Not unlike millions of kids all over the country, no doubt. She loved the movie and music, but recently it’s getting out of hand. I used to like “Let It Go” by Idina. It was fun to sing it with my daughter before. Before The Freezing.

Before the Freezing, we would cheerily sing it together and have a good chuckle at the end of it. Before the Freezing she didnt mind if it came on the radio and we couldn’t ‘repeat’ it. I was allowed to sing the song Before the Freezing. BtF I could have other movie options on the ipad. BtF she would watch the movie in it’s entirety.

Post Freeze only the daughter is allowed to sing Let It Go. If I dare open my mouth to sing it, I’m yelled at. If I hum, whistle or consider kazooing = fit. My kid now watches it just to the Elsa Unveiling and the braid drop and then she’s done. She freezes the screen to admire the sparkly dress. Every. Single. Time.

“Wow! She’s beauuuuutiful. She haves (has) big boobs.”

ummmmm… huh? And then we get into why all the Princesses have big boobs. I guess to a three year old anything north of a bug bite is “big”, but my question is why is she noticing?

So now I have a mini tyrant who insists on soloing, and is fascinated
by the wardrobe. I have created the next Liberace. The only thing missing is vocal ability and the gift of singing inside a pitch. Any pitch or key would be great at this point… especially when “the storm rage(s) OOOOOOOOOn!”.

My son has started to insist she not get the ipad when we are driving together now.

My poor little Tyrant Elsa.

“The tone deafness never bothered my anyway.”

2 thoughts on “What She Isnt

  1. Oh Lord…..another princess has been created. Get your Bedazzler out! I loved it (at first) when the lads replayed the cd of Frozen over and over again, then the DVD of Frozen, over and over again. I loved it, for the first week. Now, all I know is if that if I hear the Let It Go song one more time…well, all I can say is..let me go….


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