What the Kid Says

“What does the kid say?”

“No no no nonononono nonon no no no nO NO thank you.”  (a la “What Does the Fox Say?”)

We’ve had three quotes so far this week:

#1 Splashing and sitting and carefully standing in the cooled off jacuzzi last week, my daughter says, “My butt is water proof!” To which I had to agree.

#2 After handing out the kid’s vitamins one of the 3% of mornings I remembered and had time to, the children were inspecting their colored gummies. They pop them into their mouths and compare flavors. My son had orange and purple. Naturally tasting like “orange” and “purple”. He asked my daughter, “What does the red one taste like?” she answered in a low creepy voice, “Bloooooood.”

It’s safe to say she scares us all a little. And finally,

#3 We spent some time at the mall yesterday doing mother-daughter type things. We broke for food court lunch. I set her down with her pizza slice and water and went to order my trough tray. When I came back I asked her, “Whatcha doin’? How’s your pizza?” She responded, “Good. I’m just watchin’ all the crazy people.”

It’s a life skill to have that mastered so young, in my opinion. She’s three. I see a bright future that may or may not involve padded walls and/or bars for her.

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