My three year old began swim lessons – finally! She has always been nutso about the water and requests baths daily… oftentimes multiple times per day. I feel she is working towards her goal of becoming a raisin. We’ve moved so much and had so much unsure of, that it has always been difficult to […]

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What She Isnt

My daughter, Godbless’er, has been hijacking my ipad for the last three days to watch ‘Frozen’. Not unlike millions of kids all over the country, no doubt. She loved the movie and music, but recently it’s getting out of hand. I used to like “Let It Go” by Idina. It was fun to sing it […]

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Controversy .. here we go

I watched SNL last weekend, and Leslie Jones was the only thing people were still talking about on Monday. Unfortunately a lot of what was said was not positive. This is not the entire skit, but it’s a good bit of it, and it’s the part people are talking about. Go ahead, watch it. … […]

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Gym Beam

I joined the local Y. My motivation was actually not even exercise. I took a tour, still on the fence about it until we reached the child care center. The heavens opened up. Angels were singing. My heart skipped a beat. It was love! Next up: the test. I dropped her off and continued on […]

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Random Weekend Quotes

I’ve been telling my husband for weeks that my hair is turning grey at a crazy rapid rate. He’s been scoffing and brushing me off like i’m fishing for a compliment. In reality, i’m just aghast at how much grey hair I have and i need a witness. So today we are walking through a […]

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What I Dont Know

Right now, in this moment, here’s what I don’t know: 1. How to decorate. Despite the hundreds of pins i’ve found, admired, fantasized about, I now have two random strings of unimpressive LED solar lights hanging from a random tree in my backyard. I was going for down home rustic charm, what i have is […]

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