Camp Countdown

This is it. The wall. I’m already counting down ’til week long YMCA camp for my big kid. It’s not that he’s terrible. He’s a doll. *Snort* But it’s the constant influence he’s got on the little one. The brain washing. The potty mouth. The genitalia jokes. And worst of all, the ignoring. I may […]

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I’ve always had a love/hate thing with nostalgia. It’s easy to reminisce and get lost in the past sometimes. It can be freeing. All the people I love are there. My dad, my childhood friend, and now my first band crush. The past is where all those people still laugh and smile and hug. I […]

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A Letter To My Big Kid

To my 8 year old son: On my way to bed the other night I checked on you like I always do. As I walked into your room, my throat clenched as I saw your peaceful, calm, daddy long legs body restfully sleeping. I was reminded in that moment that you are still my little […]

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Hellooooo Summer!

It’s here. Summer has arrived in my ‘hood and it’s been great so far. We are only one week in, but hey. I’ll take what I can get! I realized this week that I have rarely had my two kids all to myself. I know I will be scoffing at this in a matter of […]

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In Search Of

A new husband. He must be a dentist or orthodontist. My husband is aware I must leave him for a new man. He is more than on board, considering. We cannot afford my mouth any longer. I woke up about a week ago with an excruciating pain in my face. Almost like my jaw was […]

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Ode To Stretchy Pants

Dear Stretchy/Comfy/Yoga/PJ Pants, I love you. I love you, but it seems we’ve set an unhealthy example for my children who now will only wear comfy cotton stretchy-wasted slug pants. You have let me hide from my self the fact that my waste is expanding and testing your elastic limits. It’s easy not to notice […]

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Kid Quotes

I was explaining to my son what he got his dad for father’s day.. here’s the conversation: “…and also a jar of really hot hot sauce.” kid: “Why does dad like hot sauce so much?” me: “I have no idea, he just does. He likes hot things.” kid: “Yea, like you.” …awkward pause followed by […]

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My son turned 8 a week ago. We made it! Last year he chose a not-yet-recognized birthday theme – Minecraft – which meant I slaved away at all the favors and activities and decorations. .. with love. Love and curse words. This year he made the choice of Pokemon. A long outdated and once celebrated […]

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Tonight was a lovely end to a good day. Nothing extraordinary, just appreciation for our life, our home, and the good fortune of good neighbors. The local boys all came over for some shooting/looting and all around boy-play with various wheeled vehicles and weapons. Suburban Mad Max. My daughter-the youngest and only girl-was keeping up […]

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Say Goodnight

I have a hard time going to bed. It’s not because i’m not tired. I’m exhausted and in ‘pajamas’ by 8pm. (If that’s wrong, I do not want to be right) It’s the quiet. I want to soak it in. Inhale it. Taste it. Savor it. I love my kids, blah blah blah, and that […]

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