Hellooooo Summer!

It’s here. Summer has arrived in my ‘hood and it’s been great so far. We are only one week in, but hey. I’ll take what I can get!

I realized this week that I have rarely had my two kids all to myself. I know I will be scoffing at this in a matter of days or (hopefully at least) weeks, but it’s true! My oldest was at school most of the day, and when he was home it was all about home work or therapy or driving here and there and everywhere. I’m either with my kid(s) with a play date or my mom or on occasion my husband will grace us with his presence.  Our days are wide open and i’m optimistic that the three amigos will ride again. My son, my daughter, and myself. This is the summer before my three year old goes to Pre School. PRESCHOOL! My son asked me, “What are you going to do when we are BOTH in school, mom?” all concern and wonder filling his little face.

“Whatever (the f*ck) I want ! It’s going to be glorious!! … and I’ll miss you both while doing it.”

Ahhh innocent youth. Truthfully it’ll be a calm and guilt-laden two and a half hours of my day. I’ll be feeling like I should be very resourceful and motivated while doing something like catching up on Real Housewives or unlocking those 150cc Mario Kart 8 tracks.

You know … the important things.

Eventually I’m hoping to work my way up to mopping and laundry and possibly even dusting.

be still my extendable Swiffer

Who knows?! But as of right now I’m enjoying being in the thick of it with my kids. They are old enough to pee and poo nearly alone. We still have the shouted, “MooommmmEEEEEEEE! Wipe ma’ BUTT!” (the 3 yo) that rings through the house daily. My son will still only tentatively go into some public restrooms, but we are not having to deal with potty training and pull ups and diapers and wipes and creams and powders.

Our destinations can include pools without fear of the poopie floater!

A bag of goldfish can get us through any disaster

They will both now wear a band aid – and god help anyone if the things comes off and there is not a spare

Things can be asked for with real words – usually shouted and sometimes inappropriate words. No more guessing as to the source of the fit/tantrum/possession

Computer/console/handheld games can be played SOLO. My kid can actually read all the minutiae instructions and training himself! And it’s even incentive to read MORE

My oldest can run to the neighbors and ask to play without a mommy escort

I’m not tied down to a nap schedule anymore

All in all, I have high hopes for happy parenting for at least 75% of the summer, people. This is monumental! (I can’t help but notice the word “mental” hiding beneath the surface of that word.)

Here’s hoping the days are filled with sunshine, smiles, fun and lots of love for all the parents out there…. well, ok, I really mean the mommies. Daddies can fend for themselves.

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