A Husband List

What I’m always surprised and annoyed my husband doesn’t know: 1. Where food is located in/around/beside the pantry 2. Where cold food is kept 3. What the kids would eat for dinner if you HAD to make something from the kitchen’s contents 4. What devices/tools to use if you HAD to do #3 5. Operating […]

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Quiet Time

I have managed to hold off a double “quiet time” for my kids until today. School ended June 18th and I have managed to make it to JULY 30th! *pats own back* I didn’t think this would happen. I have a little over four weeks to go before school starts and i’m happy to say […]

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Sneaky Coffee

I woke up early today. Before 7! Before snoring husband, before little children. There is always that moment of “… am I going to phone wake (i.e. stay in bed) or body wake and go downstairs?” I usually linger in bed and relish in the birds chirping, the ceiling fan humming, and the quiet of […]

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I <3 Goats!

If I had the patience and fencing for a farm, I would be happily overrun with manure from all types of animals. I would literally be happy as a pig in shit. But pigs are not my thing. Goats are where it’s at, y’all. Goats! I took my little monsters to a farm today. It […]

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Big Bros FTW!

Big Brothers can be a lot of things. Pains in the butt. Protectors. Jesters. Instigators. Dictators. My 3 year old daughter has a big brother. He’s 8, and today I watched him be such a cool big brother, I could not stop beaming at the both of them. We were at a mall playground. Yes […]

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Irreverent Humor

I don’t know why this formula works, but for me it is a home run every time: cussing out + a kid = win I watched Bad Words on the plane from Seattle to Las Vegas, and the lady sitting next to me must’ve sanity-checked me at least three times. It was hilarious. Perhaps since […]

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I finally have my “email” button working on my home page! For anyone wishing to subscribe via email, you are just a click away 🙂  Visit my “about” page and select it from the menu at the bottom of the page. There is probably a much more suave, tech-savvy way to do this, but I […]

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I used to not give a rat’s ass what people thought about me… in high school. I was curious what they thought about me from time to time, but I didn’t care what they thought about me. Fast forward one husband and two kids later and suddenly i’m all concern. I hate that! When did […]

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Back from vacation. Boy, am I! I was expecting to be so enamored with my children when I got back, and I was… for about 24hours. It’s a little – i wont say ‘difficult’ because that’s an asshole thing to say when you’ve been on a kid-free vacation for five days – uncomfortable when you […]

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The last time I played Bingo Was second grade. It was suggested to me on this trip since it tends to take a little longer to lose your ass. Perhaps if this is the number one selling point of the advice people give you, just skip Vegas altogether. So my husband and I head over […]

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