Thank You, YMCA

Dear YMCA,

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Thank you for having summer camps. Thank you for having (hopefully) patient and excited and motivated and empathetic people to run your camps who want to spend time with other people’s children. … because I am not the biggest fan of my kid right now, let alone twenty spawn of other people.

Thank you for making the park relative again!

Thank you for not just taking my kid and caring for him for hours at a time, but for making him try new things he would never attempt with just me. Put him in a group of other kids and he’s Indiana Jones. With me it’s just Indiana No.

God bless you one and all for having camp for an entire week.

I almost don’t even mind that you are charging nearly the cost of my car payment to entertain and amuse him. … almost. Give me back a happy kid who sleeps like a rock and i’ll say “It was money well spent!”.

I am so relieved to have someone else structure an entire week for my eight year old, I do not mind waking up early and making an entire “disposable” sack lunch, in addition to packing his backpack with sunscreen he will probably not use, a change of clothes he will certainly leave in the pack, a water bottle that will be put in sans tight cap and leak all over the clean set of clothes and towel.

Ask me if i’ll mind… go ahead… try me.


This week will be SO worth the extra loads of laundry.


An Overwhelmed Mother Who Loves Her Kid Dearly, But Doesn’t Always Like Him (during summer break)

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