Slackin’ & Relaxin’

I’ve always teased my husband about his ‘narcolepsy’. More specifically, it’s child-induced narcolepsy. Usually it only takes effect when he is in the vicinity of the kids… any kids, really.

We are currently on vacation in Vegas and I had great fantasies and hopes of sleeping. Sleeping in, sleeping on and sleeping under. Sleepy Sleepity Sleeper. I did not take into account my vacation insomnia, though. I’ve woken up at 6am the last two days. This wouldn’t be a huge deal if i wasn’t going to bed at midnight or 1am.

Let’s just pause and savor that tidbit for a moment. … I was awake and functioning after 10pm!

Apparently my body cannot adjust to both being out late AND sleeping in. “Does. Not. Compute.”

My husband, however, has managed to kick into full on narcolepsy. The beds don’t bother him, the Vegas Strip sirens don’t budge him, the shared wall banging and TV noise don’t make a dent in the snoring. I envy him this talent of unconsciousness. Apparently he doesn’t have child-induced narcolepsy. He was just in training for vacation mode!

I wonder if he’d mind that I emptied his wallet and chased that Wheel of Fortune jackpot..?

“Wheel! of! Fortu – zzzzzzzzzzz”

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