I <3 Goats!

If I had the patience and fencing for a farm, I would be happily overrun with manure from all types of animals. I would literally be happy as a pig in shit. But pigs are not my thing. Goats are where it’s at, y’all. Goats!

I took my little monsters to a farm today. It was a miserable headache to get them there, but dammit, we made it! After pulling the car over twice for various screamings and pokings and tormentings, we were well on our way to sitting in traffic for thirty minutes.

Woop Woop!

But once we got there, it was all nearly worth the exorbitant price of admission. This place lets you meander around with your monsters and just pet whatever crosses your path. It’s phenomenal!
(You may suspect by now the farm trip was really for me to go and pet animals I don’t foot a vet bill for… and you would be correct. The kids, wisely, go along for the ride)

My children were only issued one “warning” from the staff for running wild near the horses in the stalls, but otherwise did well. (Mombarrassing!!) There was a Petco-esque-ferret-case with a momma hen and her umpteen adorably huggable, snuggleable, massively cute peeping chicks. This was a fav of all the kids, definitely.

The kids got to ride a train, and afterwards visited a pen with just two goats and three boulders. The kids all hopped from one rock to the next while I impatiently waited for another adult to finish ogling the baby goat so I could have my own turn. As I was making flared-nostril faces at the woman hogging the goat, my daughter fell off one such boulder. *SPLAT* right on her face! Before I could get to her, the other big momma goat had run over and stood in front of my kid.


It was the coolest thing. I don’t know if that goat was looking for an easy snack, or just wanted to taste freshly muddied jeans, but I didn’t care. It was amazing and it shut my daughter’s screaming wails up like *that*.

We walked through some more areas and ended up at the gigantic enclosed but open “petting area”. There were momma pigs and piglets, goats of varying sizes, chickens of every color, and bunnies. Bunnies everywhere. Scared, over-petted, over-poked, nervous bunnies trying to camouflage themselves in tree stumps, fencing, long grass, and dirt. Some were quite comfortable laying in the middle of the paths, fat as gnomes, noses twitching towards grubby little hands hungry to pet and plaster their downy fur. They could care less. But the ones hiding in trees and hopping from grass blade to tree stump to fence post were who I felt bad about.

dead, or just camo?
dead, or just camo?









The animals were overall so well taken care of and happy. It was like walking into that proverbial farm in the sky you imagine all the animals go to when they die. … only i’m sure there are far less toddlers and children molesting the animals on the farm in the clouds.

The highlight in this area was the nearly new baby goat. This little thing was the bees knees, and not much bigger. SO cute. SO soft, and so amenable to the pets and love. (S)He was cuddled up to the momma who was equally gentle and patient with all the admirers. It was all I could do not to pack this baby up and take it home.

cutest thing ever
cutest thing ever













It’s interesting these li’l guys are called “kids”. I’m hard pressed to find an actual kid as docile, cute, and well behaved as these creatures!

They are like a better version of a cat. Playful and cute, but non-crushable and not assholes!

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