Sneaky Coffee

I woke up early today. Before 7! Before snoring husband, before little children. There is always that moment of “… am I going to phone wake (i.e. stay in bed) or body wake and go downstairs?”

I usually linger in bed and relish in the birds chirping, the ceiling fan humming, and the quiet of my sanctuary… but hubbz is in town currently, so it was more of the chirping of his nose hairs, the snoring of his face, and the rustling of the sheets. I took inventory of sleeping bodies in the house and after realizing I was the only one awake, I decide to brave it. The hail mary. The silent creep. The careful tiptoe.

I chose to go downstairs. I even remembered the laundry basket! It’s gonna be an amazing day!

I creep by the kid’s rooms. Despite the creaking floorboards, I think the previous day’s garage sale and sun exposure has worn them out – one can only hope.

On the decent down the stairs, I am savoring the idea of my hot cup of mocha with my mexican cinnamon chocolate creamer. Heaven! Coffee is so much more delectable when you can sip it in peace!

I drop the laundry off to the machine, and creep into the kitchen. I find my favorite mug, load it onto my keurig, pull open the pod drawer and …..

dust and crickets

Apparently in the hubbub of the garage sale, I somehow forgot to restock my reserves, my sanity, my am medicine, from the grocery store.

I quietly scream out an F-bomb while doing my best pissed off toddler body impression and skulk to the computer to check the bank account and deal with bills. Gotta start the day off right with a complete round of disappointment, right? Once you are on the train, you might as well buckle up and take the ride.

I guess my family is in for a surprise when they come downstairs this morning as well….

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