A Husband List

What I’m always surprised and annoyed my husband doesn’t know:

1. Where food is located in/around/beside the pantry

2. Where cold food is kept

3. What the kids would eat for dinner if you HAD to make something from the kitchen’s contents

4. What devices/tools to use if you HAD to do #3

5. Operating the washer

6. Where the spare toilet paper is kept

7. Who the pediatrician is

8. Where the clean towels are

9. Which towels to use and which are decoration

10. Where the nearest jewelry store is


What I’m always surprised my husband DOES know:

1. Our anniversary

2. All the birthdays

3. What the bank account status is (usually)

4. My need and insistence on living near Target

5. How to handle a hurt child

6. How to appreciate the job that is SAHM

7. Enough to hold an amazing job that allows me to be a SAHM

8. When to tag in on a kid situation

9. Keurig = happy wife

10. My therapy shopping


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