Quiet Time

I have managed to hold off a double “quiet time” for my kids until today. School ended June 18th and I have managed to make it to JULY 30th!

*pats own back*

I didn’t think this would happen. I have a little over four weeks to go before school starts and i’m happy to say I have not stuck my head in any ovens or put the kids in the backyard and locked the door …. yet. Somehow priorities and goals change from the beginning of the summer to mid-summer. I’ve gone from savoring alone time with my kids and planning educational activities to just not choking them by dinner time.

And i’ve done it all without drinking or pills. 🙂

(like many many many other parents out there, I know)

This weekend we are taking a family trip to the Renaissance Faire. Gage and my husband will get a lesson in boobs, while my daughter and I will be admiring pirates.. for totally different reasons. Should be a jollygood time! I’m sure there’s some educational lesson that could go with this trip, but i’m in it for the fun and pictures. Screw the history.


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