Happy Labor Day

This labor day, I will reflect on the fact that labor was the easiest day with my oldest child. 7 hours of labor without drugs until the glorious shot of spinal drugs at 9.5 cm. Screaming into the face of my steadfast husband as my uterus contracted and my cervix opened up to spit this […]

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Looking Forward To …

All the things! Namely: Wearing: Socks Boots Jeans Gloves Drinking: HOT coffee any time during the day! Back To School Cocktails Watching: New sitcoms 🙂 Eating: All the Pumpkin flavored things!! Stew Something/anything i’ve baked in the oven I thought i’d take a break from the school year anticipation and look forward to all the […]

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Well, one week and a day, but who’s counting? The school year is so close, I can smell the sharpened pencils and stale forgotten lunch leftovers. I’m having a panicky feeling like I have to suddenly cram some family time in this week. We need to go to Great Wolf Lodge and do a day […]


Mind Melt

“Have the kid do a workbook.”, I told myself. “What’s the big deal?” I thought. “It’ll be a great refresher!” Go ahead and grab that pre-3rd grade workbook full of fabulously fun and colorful work. We’ll do it together and he wont realize it’s a review. F*ck me, that was the worst idea ever. Like, […]

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My house is showing the tell tale signs of the end of summer. Some of the current contents of my pantry: Flamin’ hot cheetohs Cheese Puffs Pop Tarts Crunch Berry Cereal I never stock these things as a general rule, but you know what? I’m done with the ice tray snacks, and the cookie cutter […]

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4K ?!

My site hit 4,000 views today! And i’m fairly certain at least 1,000 are not my own views. I’d like to give credit where it’s due for all of my posts that have received so many readers – and a painful few commenters: 1. My children. The crazy to which you drive me is boundless. […]

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Mr. Williams

It seems fitting to do a post about someone you feel you’ve lost. I find it impossible to fully comprehend how someone can feel so lost to an enormous amount of people despite never having met. It’s very telling about his talent. He was Robin Williams, and Robin Williams intimately knew Genie. He did not […]

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Epic lesson in failed forcible parenting today. Forcible parenting being having to continue parenting a child you want to run screaming from. But no mom fairy is available to fly down and take your place to fix it all. So while your 8 year old is shouting at you and his head is spinning around, […]

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