Summer Evolution

I have noticed an evolution of sorts occurring in my house and mini van. Summer began with optimism and hope. Lots of pep talks of how we are going to have fun when we go somewhere. Lots of encouragement to ‘help’ each other out and watch out for each other. This was mostly aimed at my son who likes to torment his little sister.

This was followed up by lots of “noticing” and recognizing lessons, good behavior, positivity abounded ….. in the beginning.

Mid way through things got a little more desperate sounding. I got an audio book to ease the tension on the car rides. .. and it gave me some peace and quiet. Dinners were less complicated, oftentimes outside. Lots of redirecting and sighing.

Now we are at the end of the mid way point and i’m losing my shit, man. Losing it. Everything has suddenly changed from speaking to whining. I’m not “Mom” or “Mommy” i’m “MoooooooooOOOOOOOOmmmmm-uh.” and “Mommmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Usually followed by a complaint.

Car rides are no longer fun and optimistic. They are filled with exasperated sighs and head-holding. My kids are surrounded by wrappers that were not there three weeks ago. Their seats are sweaty and seemingly directly beside each other, though a chasm of a console actually separates them.

And the distraction factor is decidedly perilous now. I’d like to know who put cell phone conversations above mothering young children as a driving danger, but i’d like that test to be reissued.

Driving while blowing a snotty nose, anyone?! Driving while headphoning an iPad ?! Reaching for the countless dropped books/toys/snacks/tissues/pebbles/microscopic toys ?!

There are not enough red lights to support my driving needs.

And so help me god, if I get another red light, I will scream because we are always late. Shoes are never taken off in a pair, somehow. My children each have both of their feet. I’ve checked!! How my daughter can consistently misplace one shoe IMMEDIATELY after she’s taken them off, i will never understand.

The summer is entirely too long by the first week of August. I still have another month to go. I’m thinking of buying a trailer to hitch to my van to carry them in just so I can travel in peace since I cannot get it at home. Bedtime used to be my sanctuary, but the heat has robbed me of even that small amount of peace. We do not have a/c in Washington state. In August, the house gets upwards of 85 at night on hot summer nights. This makes for even whinier, sweaty, exhausted, frustrated kids …. and we all know where those monsters lead us….. alcoholism!

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